Joseph C. Stankus, Ph.D.

Photo of Dr. Stankus Joseph C. Stankus, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and President of Stankus Psychological Services, P.C.  Licensed and certified, Dr. Stankus has over 32 years experience in the mental health field, including 13 years of his former 20- year-career as an  active-duty officer in the U.S. Air Force. He received his B.A. in Psychology from the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA, and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Eclectic in approach, he uses a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, including cognitive therapy, behavior-modification, and clinical hypnosis. Dr. Stankus has extensive experience in conducting psychological evaluations of children, adolescents, and adults, completing literally hundreds of the on patients from all walks of life. He has performed psychological assessments for a wide diversity of reasons, including assisting with differential diagnosis, behavior problems, difficulties at school, marital and family conflict, parenting capabilities, custody evaluations,  district and juvenile courts,  defense attorneys,  fitness for duty, screeening for employment, competency, bariatric surgery, and many other purposes. In both his therapeutic and evaluative endeavors, and indeed in all of his work,  Dr. Stankus is holistic in orientation, helping the patient to integrate body, mind, and spirit to transform his/her crisis into an  opportunity for growth.